Conceptually new anti-theft system


Our engineers developed special model adapters to simplify the installation of "Sniper" anti-theft device on the brake pedal of your car. Due to the structural differences of the cars from different brands and different manufacturers, model adapters also differ fundamentally. For example, a photo of the adapter for Honda CRV and Toyota Prado:

адаптер адаптер

Along with the installation using the model adapter there is a more universal way to install "Sniper" anti-theft system on almost any car. This is particularly important when we are working with rare, rarity and unique cars. Consider the example of the method for Hyundai Accent 2012 model year.

Once the required "in place" measurements have been made in the passenger compartment, remove the pedal box, universal mounting bracket to the standard vehicle components (supplied with the lock) and the length of the steel band of the appropriate size (buy separately) is welded to the removed pedal box, observing angles and distances mount the unit in its place, then set the "Sniper" using the shear bolt bracket and nut stall.