Conceptually new anti-theft system


The negative autoarming impulse is set by default (factory setting).

импульс автопостановки

• LED lights after 12 short pressings of a button.

• When the LED is lit you may enter a personal code (the factory code is 5 pressings) If you is performed everything properly, the LED will light up, then will flash.

• Press the button 2 times while LED is flasing. The LED flashes in bursts (duration of flashes is a signal for choosing the adjusted function - Autoarming).

Short double flashes - Fig. 1

Long double flashes - Fig. 2

длинные двойные вспышки

• If you press the button one time, the form of autoarming signal will change.

• The following three pressing will exit the programming mode.

If you do not touch the system for the 30 sec., it exits the configuration mode. If you did something wrong, the LED blinks 5 times, and the system will exit the setup mode.

The graph of correspondence the moment of pressing button and the LED status during changing the formof the autoarming signal

график изменения формы сигнала автопостановки