Conceptually new anti-theft system



The device is not in the guard mode in the initial state (LED is not lit).

• 2 short button pressings.

• After 2-3 seconds, the LED lights for about 5 seconds, and it is necessary to enter a personal code in this moment (the factory code is 5 button pressings).

• After entering the code, LED will light steadily for about 7 seconds, and goes out for 2 sec afterward.

• When the correct code is entered the LED will indicate the number of keys registered in memory via the first long flashes and then will display short bursts. It means that a device is turned into a guard mode.

The graph of correspondence the moment of pressing and the LED status during arming the system

включение режима охраны



The device is in the guard mode in the initial state (LED flashes regularly).

The procedure is similar to the arming.

CAUTION! If LED delivers a series of 5 flashes during operation with button, this sets the error signal.