Conceptually new anti-theft system


Each PIN-code digit is entered by the corresponding number of service button pressing. You should press at least one time per second. A pause between two adjacent pressings longer than 1 second is used for the separation between the numbers. A pause longer than 4 seconds is perceived as the end of PIN-code input. To enter the PIN-code, you must:

1. Select form the Table 1 the number of the function you want to perform with the device.

2. Insert the number of function by the number of the service button pressings.

3. Wait until the status LED turns. It is a sign to insert the first digit of PIN-code.

4. Enter the first digit of the PIN-code using the service button in a moderate pace.

5. Make a pause for more than 1 second waiting for the status LED turning on inviting to enter the next digit. (Each pause is perceived by the system as a separator between the numbers of code!).

6. Enter the next digit of the PIN-code in a moderate pace using the service button.

7. If you want to enter another digit, go to the step 5.

8. If the input of PIN-code is over, you should wait for 4 seconds. After this pause and correct entering of the PIN-code, the system will perform the desired command or will open the access to the functions of the system.

9. The five flashes of the status LED notifies that you entered incorrect code and the device will return to the previous mode (security, disarm etc.).

10. If during the process of the PIN-code entering a pause longer than 4 seconds was made accidentally, the system will perceives it as the end of the code input and will signal that the wrong PIN-code was entered and will return to the previous mode. In this case, the process should be performed one more time.

If the PIN-code contains less than 3 digits, the LED lights after the last digit is entered - you have to wait until it goes out (the device will realize that there are no more digits in the PIN-code).

Table 1.

Description of the function
Number of service
button pressings
for input of
of subfunction
Number of service button pressings to
set subfunction
Enabling / disabling
guard mode
Enabling / disabling service mode
Registration of tablet key
Deleting of all keys tablets, restoration functions to
factory settings
Change of user's PIN-code
Setting device functions
Enabling / disabling stealth mode of indication
1 - change of the current function status
2 - continue to the next function
3 - exit setup function
Polarity reversal
Automatic input switching
protection regime
1 - change the current function status
2 - transition to the next function
3 - exit setup function