Conceptually new anti-theft system


If your device will require service under warranty, please contact our dealer - installer.

The manufacturer is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship device for 24 months starting from the date of sale.

If the defects in materials or workmanship are found in the device due to this period, the manufacturer guarantees the free repair or replace the device to a new at the following conditions:

√ This warranty is valid after the customer presents the product, personal code, at least one key tags and filled correctly and legibly warranty card or invoice (receipt) on purchasing the products.

√ In the absence of key tags, personal code, the manufacturer reserves the right to refuse free warranty repair \ replace for the product.

√ The manufacturer also reserves the right to refuse free warranty service and replacement for the device, unless presented above documents and the information contained therein is incomplete or illegible.

√ This warranty is not applied to the devices damaged due to fire, accidents, natural disasters, water immersion, misuse, neglect, as well as the reasons, which have arisen during the installation or use of the device in wrong way.

√ This warranty gives the purchaser sole and exclusive right to the manufacturer to repair or replace the defective unit and no other rights.

Our solution of all issues related to claims, shall be final. The replaced defective devices are the manufacturer's property.

This guarantee does not affect consumer's statutory rights granted by the applicable law, the consumer's rights against the dealer arising from a concluded contract of sale.