Conceptually new anti-theft system

Dear Customers!

If you have chosen electro-mechanical "Sniper" lock as an anti-theft device for your car, our company is ready to provide full technical and service support for the operation of this device.

If you cannot find the answer to your question in the materials presented on the site, use our contact information for direct communication with qualified experts.

P1. How to use SNIPER.

P2. How to use the key.

P3. The rules of the PIN-code (personal code) input.

P4. Device control using service button.

P5. Enabling / disabling service mode.

P6. Recording (saving) keys in memory.

P7. Change of personal system code.

P8. Change of the autoarming signal form.

P9. Enabling / disabling stealth mode.

P10. Wiring diagram.

P11. Terms of Use.

P12. Troubleshooting.

P13. Warranty.

P14. Scope of delivery.