Conceptually new anti-theft system

The most frequently asked questions.

Can Sniper mounted on the brake pedal trigger while driving?

This situation is absolutely impossible! The fact is that when you install Sniper anti-theft device on the brake pedal, the so-called "ban on the ignition" is performed. This means that when the ignition is enabled the lock does not take any action and will not accept any commands (including the "arming"). In other words, to block the brake pedal when driving using Sniper mounted on the car, you must arm the car turning off the ignitionbefore it!

How long Sniper is on the automobile anti-theft systemsmarket?

Sniper Anti-theft system is designed by Ukrainian experts in 1998. Initially, the device was delivered exclusively on the Russian market. Since then, the electronic part of the lock was improved several times in accordance with the general technical progress and practical experience of our engineers. Now the Sniper electro-mechanical lock is installed and successfully operates on cars in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

Can the Sniper be damaged or the arming be disabled by cutting the power cord, or de-energizisngvehicle in some other way, (for example, removing the battery clam terminals)?

No. That's impossible. The Sniper anti-theft system is designed so that the lock (because of its electronic part) "remembers" and performs only the last command received before the blackout in case of power cutting. Moreover, we applied a voltage of several kilovolts for the wiring during bench testing devices; the sample exposed to stun, etc .. The result was reflow wires, burnt control board, but the Sniper did not unlocked the pedal!

Can I mount the Sniper anti-theft device from one car on another car?

Yes. Our clients often request it. This usually happens after they purchase a new car with the subsequent sale of the previous one, where the Sniper was already installed. This proves that the car-owner that purchased and installed electro-mechanical lock on the car, is fully satisfied with its anti-theft features.

What if the brake pedal with the installed Sniper electro-mechanical blocker is locked in its most extreme position (no backlash to unlock the telescopic device)?

This situation is impossible. The fact is that the lock has a special ammortizator preventing telescopic device to remain without brake pedal backlash required to disarm the lock.

Can the Sniper anti-theft system be installed on the Audi A6 2010 model year?

Yes. Sniper car anti-theft system is successfully installed and operated on cars Audi A6, starting from 2010 model year.