Conceptually new anti-theft system

The car being very convenient means of transportation, is also a tempting object for criminals to get easy money. According to international reports, the profitability of trading in stolen vehicles is ranked third after arms and drugs trafficking.

Insufficient attention the owners pay to the anti-theft protection of the car, as a rule, leads to the loss of their four-wheel-ownership. The market presents two the most widely used types of anti-theft systems: electronic (alarm) and mechanical (rods on the steering wheel, pedal locks, the locks on the transmission, etc.).

We set the task to combine the main advantages of these systems in one project, and a team of Ukrainian developers had created a fundamentally new device -- electro-mechanical lock "Sniper".


1. Telescopic follower 2. Bracket (adapter) for the attachment to the standard vehicle components 3. Bracket (adapter) for fixing the brake pedal 4. Button lock 5. Contact pad with LED

SNIPER anti-theft system consists of two parts: the mechanical lock and device management. Blocker is a steel cartridge made of alloy steel, length of about 100 mm, which is attached to a mechanical drive of the car (the pedals, "handbrake", switch the gearbox et al.), blocking them while someone is trying to hijack. The device is operated by the contact "Touch Memory"key. When the device is installed on the pedal when armed the device will allow the hijacker to press it, but the pedal will "hang" after pressing in the position to which it was pressed!

до установки до установкипосле установки после установки

You can also use the option “short arming the car” (when you leave the car for a short while): you have to arm the car and press the pedal. To disarm the car you send a signal and exert additional pressure on the pedal. ""SNIPER" has the highest degree of protection from failure. In case, the thief knows or finds the location of lock installation, firstly, it is simply difficult to access, and secondly, even if a thief has special tools, it is difficult to break the lock in normal conditions because of the limited access space to it. And finally, the lock will perform the safety function even being damaged. Blocker has non-volatile memory, so no impact (electrical, mechanical, electromagnetic) change its state. PLEASE NOTE that due to the feature of self-writing and erasing keys, you can be sure that neither the manufacturer of SNIPER or installer, nor anyone else can get access to the device management! As a result, the main advantages of electronic-mechanical lock «Sniper» (Sniper) are the following:
  • Easy and simple operation: either by signaling (the Sniper is armed simultaneously withe the enabling of alarm system), or using "Touch Memory" electronic key.
  • Sniper is difficult to detect: it is tiny and installed secretly. In addition, the lock has no the main feature of the mechanical anti-theft device, a keyhole.
  • The electronic part of the lock shows how many keys have the access.
  • No need to dismantle and replace the lock when the key is lost or stolen: the owner alone removes the "image" of the lost key from memory and enters a new "key". The procedure takes a few seconds.